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     While a few of NAO's products are available from select retail outlets (Order your Donk on Amazon, or browse the apparel at right), our primary focus is on custom design and fabrication of high-end products. Some items are produced as prototypes, some as limited production items, and some as one-off custom creations. Everything is custom-tailored and painstakingly handcrafted by the designer, and as a result costs are more than for a comparable high-production item. The good news is that anything appearing on the site can be produced and customized, in addition to the commissioning of all new designs and fabrications. Some items' (the really fun ones) use may be restricted by local law, see our policies . . .
     If you're interested in purchasing from us, send an email to info@naodesign.net or submit an info request below. Include as much information as possible and click Submit. You must include an email address, otherwise we have nowhere to send a reply. This address will not be distributed or saved by NAO beyond our sending of the reply.
     For the more budget-conscious NAO fan, check out our line of NAO apparel and accessories at right.
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NAO Apparel and Accessories

     If you canít afford a JL421 Badonkadonk, you can at least have the shirt! Click any of the images below to go to our online apparel and accessories store, powered by CafePress.
Classic Donk Shirt
Donk Trucker Hat
Donk Magnet
Donk Thong
NAO Culinary
Pyrotechnics Apron
Infernoptix Shirt
Donk Bumper Sticker

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