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Custom Scaled-House Mailboxes

Mailbox having trouble standing out from the crowd? Want to be sure you'll always know which mailbox belongs to your house? Then a custom-made mailbox is what you need. Your home can be assessed, measured, and modeled in small-scale, with your mail compartment being integrated into the design. Varying levels of detail are possible, from a rough form of the structure to an intricately detailed model, mirroring every facet, window, door, eave, shingle, etc. These mailboxes are constructed of wood, paint, lacquer, and acrylic. For an extra treat in the evening time, interior and/or exterior lighting can be installed, casting a warm, inviting glow through the windows. It almost makes you want to shrink down and go hang out inside the model. In the model shown the mail compartment resides in the "garage" portion of the house, complete with it's own interior illumination to make it easy to see your mail in the dark. Power for the lighting can be run from any standard landscape lighting power cord. The exterior of the house is finished with multiple coats of lacquer to protect it from the elements.