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Ferro Fountain

Ferrofluids are in essence liquid magnets, comprised of nanoscale particles of iron suspended in an oil in such a way as to prevent clumping or settling of the iron particles. To be precise ferrofluids are actually paramagnetic, meaning they will respond to the presence of a strong field from an ordinary magnet; in the presence of a vertical magnetic field the surface of the liquid forms regular corrugations known as "normal-field instability". The result is an almost supernatural morphing of this jet-black liquid in real-time. As the field is increased, small spikes form on the surface, at first increasing in size, then increasing in numbers as the field strength increases. The solution remains in liquid form and the spikes can be pushed or blown around, or even made to perform magnetic acrobatics by climbing conical spirals and other particular geometries. The FerroFountain packs the fun of ferrofluids into a small unit, comprised of an ebony base housing batteries and electronics, and a polished aluminum saucer to contain the liquid. Flick on the power and you can use the front dial to fade the field in and out, causing smooth liquid morphology, or switch to auto mode and a microcontroller inside will run through a never-ending random pattern of fading in and out.