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     NAO is proud to bring you the world’s premier collection of designs, synthesizing aesthetics and engineering in disciplines ranging from graphics to biomechanics to lighting to pyrotechnics to electronics.
     Here you will find dozens of products that are absolutely unique to NAO, including armored battle/party vehicles, personal flamethrowers, remote telepresence airships, biomechanical stilts, images sculpted in fire, and pneumatic cannons.
     Browse the Our Work section or click a thumbnail image above to explore NAO’s products. While a few of these items are available for retail, NAO’s primary focus is on custom design and fabrication of high-end products.
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F452 at Gadgetoff                 September 28, 2007
"If someone bombed Gadgetoff the future might cease to exist..."
                -New Yorker Magazine, Nick Paumgarten
     No bombs this time, but NAO's new F452 Flamethrower wowed spectators by taking "Flambe" to a whole new level at this year's exclusive Gadgetoff conference in New York. Participants were treated to Carne Asada and Bananas Flambe as they took over the Liberty Science center and Liberty State Park to showcase "the latest robots, craziest vehicles, “hottest” flaming art, wildest displays, newest gadgets, and to sample the strangest, new-fangled foods and drinks." See the video coverage here.
NAO products in Hi-Def                 June 6, 2007
     Check your local HD listings for episodes of Gear, with host Cameron Smith. Each episode finds Cameron traveling the country to play with toys that both the indoor technophile and the outdoors adventurer craves. NAO spent several days with Gear filming episodes that showcased our stilts, tanks, flamethrowers, pneumatics, and 3-wheelers. See an episode here.

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New Items

     The Ultimate in personal flamethrowers is here! The F452 is the latest evolution in NAO flamethrowers, featuring all-brass finish, carved wooden grips, adjustable aperture, and recipes for gourmet meals in under 45 seconds! Read more. . .

     With dual tread drive, ultrasonic distance-sensing eyes, and a programmable brain, this jumble of electronic components comes to life as Roam-E. He can just hang out with lifelike movements and vocalization, he can roam around the room avoiding obstacles, and he can dance! Read more. . .

     Liquid Magnets. That's the secret behind NAO's FerroFountain, a desktop piece that utilizes this inky liquid in tandem with varying magnetic fields to produce surreal spikes that form and multiply from pure liquid, right in front of your eyes. Read more. . .